AI Community of Practice Spring Symposium 

May 20-24, 2024

The AI CoP Spring Symposium is an opportunity to explore ideas for how AI can support our UC Santa Barbara community. The Symposium is designed to be accessible and engaging to faculty, staff, students and academics with a wide range of interests and varied degrees of experience with artificial intelligence (AI). 

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Symposium Program at-a-glance

Digital Presentations 

Digital Presentations feature topics such as automated writing assessment, ethical AI integration in academia, and AI-enhanced eLearning development. To view the presentations and interact with the authors asynchronously throughout the week in discussion forums, join the AI Symposium UCSB Canvas site (requires login with UCSBNetID, then click Enroll or Go to Course when prompted in Canvas).

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Please Note: Recordings are available only to UCSB affiliates, except those marked "public" in the list below.

Monday, May 20, 2024

9-10am  (Public) Welcome & Keynote - AI at UC: Promise and Pitfalls. AVC of Teaching and Learning, Linda Adler-Kassner and Camille Crittenden, UC Berkeley

10:30-11:30am  Workshop - Building Better Websites with AI: Automating Student Registration Forms

12-1pm  Panel - AI in the Writing Classroom: Challenges, Opportunities, and Best Practices

3-4 pm  Roundtable - AI Platforms Built for Student Success: “That’s Correkt, Storkie!”

  • Storkie the Student Affairs Chatbot: Year One Lessons Learned & Future Opportunities
  • Beyond the Black Box: A Step Towards Ethical AI with Correkt's Credible and Accurate Search


Wednesday, May 22

9-10am  (Public) Panel - The UC AI Landscape: Challenges, Successes, and the Road Ahead

12-1pm  Presentation - Copilot for Microsoft 365 - Pilot with UCSB Human Resources

3-4pm  Roundtable - AI: Ethics & Academic Integrity

  • Are the two AIs Incompatible?
  • AI Don’t!


Thursday, May 23

12-1pm  Roundtable - Musing with AI & Creativity in the Classroom

  • Artificial Intelligence and Creativity
  • AI as an Ethical Companion in Artmaking and Community-building
  • Scholars Guide Song: Learning unconventionally with music

1:30-2:30pm  Roundtable - Enhancing Student Engagement and Learning with AI

  • Exploring AI-Driven Opportunities for Enhanced Student Engagement in Higher Education
  • Enhancing Student Engagement and Assignment Clarity: Leveraging GenAi for Improved Buy-In and Instructions
  • Using AI to Improve Student Queries related to Course Content

3-4pm  Roundtable - AI for Career Guidance, Course Feedback & Inclusive Hiring

  • AI as a Career Co-Pilot: The Role of ChatGPT in Guiding Students to Success  (Need to confirm)
  • Putting the Value back in Evaluation: Leveraging Generative AI to Parse Student Feedback
  • Disciplinary Differences: Use of AI to Evaluate the Evolution of Inclusive Language in Faculty Job Advertisements


Friday, May 24

9-10am  Roundtable -  AI for Research

10:30 -11:30am  Workshop - Coding for Non-Coders: Where ChatGPT Can Help

12-1pm  Roundtable - Faculty and Student Reflections on AI "Writing"

  • Art-ificial Intelligence: Examining Perceptions of AI-Generated Writing and Literature
  • Experimenting with AI in the Feminist and Ethnic Studies Classroom

2-4pm  In-Person Closing Reception at Loma Pelona Conference Center