Funding for Faculty

Course Development Grants


Instructional Improvement Program

Announced annually in Winter, the focus changes each year based on campus priorities. Awards typically range from $3,000-$12,000.

Online and Hybrid Courses

Awards are typically between $15,000-$18,000. There are 3 different grants:

Cross-campus courses - offered annually in Winter by UC Online Fall, Winter or Spring

UCSB Courses - grants offered twice per year by UCSB, and for cross-campus courses

Summer courses - offered annually in Spring by Summer Sessions.


For updating materials and integrating educational technologies - offered year-round for up to $3000.

Teaching Programs


Engaging Humanities Foundational Course Redesign

Announced annually in Fall, this initiative is focused on large GE courses within the Humanities. Funding provides instructor and graduate student compensation, TA funding, and $12,000 in course development funds. Contact Elina Salminen for more information.

Arnhold Innovative Teaching and Learning Initiative

Announced annually in Fall, this program offers two levels of participation: seminar-only ($2000) or seminar plus development of a summer course ($2000 plus $4,000-$5000 compensation for faculty, $1000-$1500 for TAs, and additional funds for enrichment or undergraduate learning assistants). Contact Elina Salminen for more information.

The ONDAS Seminar and RISE Teaching Institute

Offered periodically based on campus needs. Contact Linda Adler-Kassner for more information.

Research Funds



Faculty Research Assistant Program



This program from Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) offers $350 in funds three times per year for supporting undergraduate researchers in the College of Letters and Sciences.